While it is possible to live faithfully as a Christian in isolation, the community of faith sustains, nourishes and challenges us to greater faithfulness to Jesus Christ. To be a Christian is, for most of us, to be part of a community of Christians.

Faith is best understood as a journey. To join a church is not to say, “I have arrived; I have it all figured out.” Rather, to join a church is to say, “I feel led to go on this faith journey, to follow Jesus Christ.”

You are invited to make this journey with Bethel United Church of Christ. Join us for worship; study and learn with us; serve with us, and know that you are invited to join the congregation of Christians that is Bethel Church. If you wish to explore membership, you are invited to attend New Member Classes which are scheduled twice annually.

Bethel United Church of Christ
10425 Bethel Church Road
Manchester, MI 48158
(734) 429-8530